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Add an earthen touch to your home with handmade terracotta home decor products. Crafted with love...Read More

Add an earthen touch to your home with handmade terracotta home decor products. Crafted with love by rural artisans, these beautiful handicrafts are the perfect treat to the eyes of the viewer.Read Less

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    43 products
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    Let your home decor speak the language of excellence with these terracotta essentials

    Decorating your house or workplace is a crucial task that only a few have been able to master. If you are in the process of revamping your home decor and trying to find inspiration for that aesthetic, Instagram perfect look, then terracotta products are the key essentials that will complete the puzzle! Buy best quality terracotta essentials from ExclusiveLane and treat your home decor with the beautiful collection.


    Buy the best terracotta pots for home from ExclusiveLane

    ExclusiveLane is your online one-stop shop for all home decor woes. If you are on the hunt for home decor online or searching for that perfect showpiece to include into your collection, the exclusive lane has a variety of products that are bound to steal your heart! Check out our collection of terracotta painted products online and add a beautiful hand-painted terracotta vase or a unique hand-painted pen stand to your carefully decorated home at a very reasonable price!


    Get your favourite terracotta essentials delivered to your doorsteps!

    ExclusiveLane handicraft online store thrives to provide its customers with the best products accompanied with the best services. We understand the struggle of trying to find the best quality products at an affordable price, hence, we bring to you one of a kind quality products that you can easily get delivered to your house! Just place your order for these amazing terracotta essentials online and get your card carefully delivered to your doorsteps in any part of the country, hassle-free. Shopping just got easier with ExclusiveLane!



    1.    What is the best paint for terracotta pots?

    Terracotta pots are very pretty and aesthetic when it comes to decoration. If you paint them, it acts as a cherry on top and makes them, even more, prettier and pleasing for the viewer. For this purpose, the best kind of paint to use is acrylic paint. They tend to complement the material of the pot and stay on for a longer period of time without getting worn out.


    2.    What kind of paint do you use on clay pots?

    Clay pots have a very distinct nature. When one uses poster paints or watercolours, they tend to get absorbed into the material of the pot. This way they don’t have a very vibrant look and end up coming out as dull. In this case, Acrylic paints are your best bet because they have a vibrant look and tend to stay on for a longer period of time.


    3.    Do you need to seal terracotta pots?

    Typically, it’s not required that you seal your terracotta plants, but if you are planning to use these pots for plants that have a higher water requirement and don’t respond well to the general wetting and drying cycle, then sealing you terracotta pots is an option that you should consider seriously.


    4.    What terracotta painted products do you have?

    ExclusiveLane houses an impressive collection of handpicked, carefully curated, hand-painted terracotta products that are bound to steal your hearts. From beautiful pots and planters, amazing vases, aesthetic kullads, to even one of a kind pen stands! ExclusiveLane has got them all available under one roof at the cheapest prices in the market!

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