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Want to give your house a more elegant and sophisticated look! Then try something unique to beaut...Read More

Want to give your house a more elegant and sophisticated look! Then try something unique to beautify your house with ExclusiveLane’s amazing deals. From alluring wall hangings to lovely spice boxes, all these hand-crafted home decore and utility items makes your house look elegant and beautifulRead Less

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    257 products
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    The Best Place For Handicrafts For Home Decor!

    Handicraft can be defined as the art of processing materials with tools by hand. This process results in beautiful and exclusive functional yet decorative items. Generally, the materials used to make handicraft items are natural, recycled or, in some cases, industrially processed. As a result, handicraft designs are varied and thus, exclusive and so much in demand. Handicrafts are an integral part of Indian culture and heritage, and there are only a few homes in urban India where you won’t find even one handicraft item used for home decor. However, handicrafts are made with utmost care and patience by skilled artisans and take a lot of time, so they don’t come easy in the market. They are mostly expensive. But ExclusiveLane handicraft store is here to make it easy for you. We have the best handicraft items you will have ever seen at the most affordable of prices!

    Best handicrafts you can get online at ExclusiveLane

    Since handicrafts are ingrained into our society and traditional Indian culture for ages and there is a never-ending demand for them without enough supply, we decided to help you in your quest of acquiring handicrafts. Not only do we have amazing collections of various handicrafts for home decor, lighting but we also offer amazing sales for these as well. After all, appreciation for all good things starts at home, and handicrafts are one such good thing amongst many others of the Indian culture. Some of the best items in our store are listed below.

    Why buy from ExclusiveLane?

    Besides being the best online store in India for handicrafts, EclusiveLane was launched in 2012 with the vision to uphold the skills of the many artisans and craftspeople of India alongside improving the quality of their lives through appreciation and giving them work. The skills of these artisans pass on from generation to generation and must be preserved with utmost care. That is something that we at ExclusiveLane understand. We also make it easy for our buyers to procure these amazing memoirs of Indian culture by offering frequent sales. We pride ourselves on our timely and easy deliveries.

    Spice boxes: Spice boxes are essential in any Indian kitchen. AT Exclusive Lane, you can get beautifully handcrafted spice boxes that add rich and aesthetic vibes of Indian culture to your kitchen space.

    Cups and mugs: Spruce up your morning coffee or tea with Exclusive Lane’s amazing collection of glazed ceramic pottery in the form of cups and mugs.

    Home decor: Buy luxurious home decor items like wall hangings and showpieces to add an aesthetic Indian feel to your home.


    Q1.What is the best ExclusiveLane sale offer?

    Ans. At present, we are offering Rs.300 off on your first order. Besides that, there are individual discounts on most of our products.

    Q2.Is there any upcoming sale on your website?

    Ans. As mentioned before, we keep offering frequent sales on our website, especially on festive days. Now that Independence Day is around the corner keep your eyes on our website to grab the best deals!

    Q3. Do you provide sales in bulk orders also?

    Ans. Yes, we do offer amazing offers and attractive prices if you order our products in bulk. You just have to register to buy our products wholesale.

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