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Sheesham wood is sometimes referred to as Dalbergia Sisso, a deciduous tree that is popular throughout India. From Assam in the east to the River Indus, it is grown over the entire sub-area. It serves as the Punjab state tree of India. Sheesham wood has streaks of darker colour running through it that vary in colour from golden brown to dark brown or chestnut, giving the wood a rich and lustrous appearance. ExclusiveLane offers you a very wide range of products only made from this class piece of wood. These trees' exceptional and unmatched durability make their wood the clear choice for high-quality, handcrafted products. Our Sheesham wood's handmade creations reveal a smooth and incredibly appealing surface after being polished. Each piece of ours is completely distinctive and in high demand owing to its texture. We got pyramid lamps, spice boxes, nameplates, wall hangings and many more things only made from Sheesham wood.

    171 products
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    Sheesham Wooden Tray In Brown
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