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Sheesham wood is sometimes referred to as Dalbergia Sisso, a deciduous tree that is popular throu...Read More

Sheesham wood is sometimes referred to as Dalbergia Sisso, a deciduous tree that is popular throughout India. From Assam in the east to the River Indus, it is grown over the entire sub-area. It serves as the Punjab state tree of India. Sheesham wood has streaks of darker colour running through it that vary in colour from golden brown to dark brown or chestnut, giving the wood a rich and lustrous appearance. Read Less

107 products

    107 products
    14 Inch Pyramid Lamp In Sheesham Wood
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    Sheesham Wood Spice Box With Floral Work
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    Tree Of Life Book End In Sheesham Wood
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    Flower Block Key Holder In Sheesham Wood
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    Premium Sheesham Wood Handicrafts

    The popular deciduous tree Dalbergia Sisso, often known as Sheesham wood, is found all over India. It is grown over the entire sub-area, from Assam in the east to the River Indus. It serves as the state tree of Punjab in India. Sheesham wood has deeper streaks throughout and can range in hue from golden brown to dark brown or chestnut, giving it a rich and beautiful appeal. It is well-known for woodcarving and engraving objects in India and has a natural resistance to degradation. Sheesham wood doesn't split or warp, hence it's frequently used to make shelves and other kitchenware items. The strength of the Sheesham wood of these bushes is absolutely fantastic and outstanding, deeming it the apparent choice for top-notch timber. Lastly, The wood reveals a smooth and incredibly beautiful surface after being polished. Because of its grain, every Sheesham wood is incredibly unique and in high demand. 

    Now if you are wondering where you can get the best Sheesham wood handicrafts, then you are at the right stop! ExclusiveLane has a range of Sheesham wood products online that you can select from!

    Range of Sheesham wood products at ExclusiveLane

    Handicraft enthusiasts frequently face a variety of options when it comes to the designs and styles of various pieces. The permanence and endurance of the handicrafts, regardless of style, are the most crucial aspects. The sort of wood that was utilised in their production has no bearing on how long they will last. Sheesham wood is one of the most famous and sought-after choices in the Indian handicrafts sector.

    We at ExclusiveLane have a variety of Sheesham wood items. We have products like Sheesham Wood Circular Spice Box With Floral Work. With nine built-in sections in the main box, this exquisitely distinctive circular spice box perfectly portrays the depth of Indian spice blends. This flavour box, which makes spice storage organised and aesthetically pleasing, is handcrafted with love. It captures and preserves the sentimental essence of our long-standing relationship with spices and our enjoyment of deliciously aromatic cuisine. 'Birds On Planks' Warli Hand-Painted Key Holder In Sheesham Wood is another piece of Sheesham wood decor item we provide. It is a wall-mount key holder that was hand-painted using indigenous Warli art and was motivated by two exquisitely hand-painted colourful birds. It was inspired by native Indian tribal life.

    A unique slanting-shaped salt and pepper shaker made of Sheesham wood will undoubtedly enhance the elegance of your dining table. It also comes with a wooden engraving tray. On a wooden tray with Sheesham engraving, this magnificent set of salt and pepper shakers is perched slantingly. The set is enhanced by the wooden tray with engraving. This will undoubtedly be a point of interest for your visitors. 

    This 12 Inch Parrot Table Lamp In Sheesham Wood from our Parrot collection can effortlessly add flair to any space. This magnificent lamp draws its design cues from nature and birds, giving it rich curves and a striking shape.Sheesham wood makes up the lamp's base, which is finished off with a straightforward natural shade that adds a pleasing glow to your home, office desk, or bedside in addition to giving it a simple, elegant appearance.

    Other than this we have products like trays, shelves, coasters Fridge Magnets, Incense Stick Holders, Door Handles, Photo Frames, Printing Blocks and many more things made from sheesham wood. Check them out!

    Why ExclusiveLane?

    India, certainly one of the most beautiful countries, is often praised for maintaining its historical traditions and culture in the way that they were previously practised. This country's diverse historical artists and their handicrafts can be found here. Many of them have been able to hide their true identities and get access to both domestic and international markets.

    Because of this love of handcrafted goods, ExclusiveLane was founded. In order to support rural Indian craftspeople in discovering their potential through their unique handicraft creations, the company strives to handpick exclusively handcrafted products from them. We wish to offer urban consumers real, affordable goods that highlight variety, heritage, and traditional art.

    Other than Sheesham wood products, we have Ceramic handicrafts, Terracotta products, Wood products, Brass items and Iron products.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Sheesham wood is best?

    What is the Speciality of Sheesham wood handicrafts?

    The most widely used Indian wood, Sheesham, is renowned for its longevity, natural rich grain, and toughness.

    How can you tell Sheesham wood handicraft is good?

    By looking at the finishing of the handicraft, you can figure out whether it's good or not.

    How many types of Sheesham wood handicrafts are there?

    There are a wide variety of products made from Sheesham wood such as trays, key holders, incense stick holders, spice holders, and many more.

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