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The tropical tree that produces mango fruit is where mango wood is derived. Originally from Far E...Read More

The tropical tree that produces mango fruit is where mango wood is derived. Originally from Far East Asia, mango trees are now spread all over the world but they are originally of Indian descent. After the mango tree finishes bearing fruit, a fine mango wood product that we love, can be utilised to make handcrafted items. Read Less

194 products

    194 products
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    Dhokra And Warli Handpainted Wall Hanging Set
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    Everything you need to know about mango wood items

    Mango wood was initially generated from the mango tree itself, despite the fact that the mango tree is much more known globally for its well-liked fruit. The Pistachio, Cashew, and Poison Ivy trees are all members of the Anacardiaceae family, which also contains the Mango tree. Typically, this wood is used as an oak and maple substitute. It is a great wood until and unless it is from a reliable source. Furthermore, because it is a byproduct of the food business, it is sustainable. 

    After 7 years, mango trees frequently stop producing quality fruit. In this case, the tree is felled and its wood is put to produce various mango wood products. Various mango wood handicrafts are created using the leftover. Mango has thick grains and is a hardwood. This indicates that it is a plank of solid and long-lasting wood, making it ideal for mango wood furniture. However, it is still soft enough to restrain you from using external instruments to tailor it. Because of the wood's solidity, it resists wear and tear and can retain its texture for the upcoming years. Mango wood is frequently seen as more reasonably priced and sustainable than other types of hardwood furniture.

    Buy mango wood handicrafts from ExclusiveLane 

    If you are looking for the best quality of mango wood products online then you have come to the right place. ExclusiveLane ensures to provide you with long-lasting and beautiful mango wood decor items, mango wood furniture, mango wood decor items, etc. Mango wood is frequently used because of its versatility. Any product especially furniture can be easily cut and shaped into various designs. Mango wood is an excellent alternative for outdoor furniture because it is highly water resistant.

    The best place to buy mango wood handicrafts online is ExclusiveLane. We have a vast collection of mango wood products. Our collection consists of products such as customisable nameplates, wooden lamps, hand-painted wooden keyholders, candle stands, hand-painted chapati boxes, wooden wall shelves, wall decor, cutlery cum napkin holders, and tea light holders, etc. You will find yourself in the world of mango wood once you go through the never-ending list of these excellent quality mango wood products on our website. 

    Why buy from ExclusiveLane?

    At ExclusiveLane, handcrafted items made of mango wood are valued on a completely new level. We encourage and support rural craftsmen's artistic endeavours. We also promise that your time while purchasing on our website will be great. Apart from mango wood products we also have a great collection of Ceramic products, Terracotta handicrafts, Wood handicrafts, Brass items, Iron handicrafts, Fridge Magnets online, and Incense Stick Holders, brass Door Handles, Wooden Photo Frames, and Printing Blocks. You can have your favourite item delivered right to your door.


    1. What can you use mango wood for?

    Mango wood has many uses. From making furniture to decor items it can be used for an end number of products because of its properties.

          2. Which wood is better acacia or mango?

    Mango and acacia are both great materials to utilise when making flooring. Because both of these woods exhibit erratic patterns, they also have comparable outside looks.Some might choose acacia over mango wood because it can last longer due to its hardness.

         3. What is the Speciality of mango wood handicrafts?

    The speciality of mango wood handicrafts is the wood itself. The mango wood is strong, dense and hard enough to make sure the product lasts for years. It does not go through wear and tear which makes it also special.

         4. How can you tell mango wood handicraft is good?

    From light beige to black, and some yellow and green tones you can find these colour strokes on mango wood. Mango wood also does not respond well to wood staining. If you can find all these qualities in the mango wood handicraft then it is good.

         5. How many types of mango wood handicrafts are there?

    There are numerous types of mango wood handicrafts at ExclusiveLane. From kitchen items and home decor products to furniture variety of products can be found under mango wood handicrafts. 


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