Goan Paradise

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8 products

    8 products

    The Goan Paradise collection From ExclusiveLane

    When we talk about the durability of cookware items, ceramics are the first thing that comes to one's mind. Since ancient times humans have been employing utensils made of clay making it the very root of our civilization, and now with the headway in our society, ceramics are back in fashion with style and beauty. Ceramic products give off an artistic aura meanwhile also providing peculiarities like strength and durability, which makes it worth the purchase.

    Made with the finest precision of handwork, this collection will deliver you the enchanting experience and landscape of the lands of Goa on your table itself, and let you enjoy the enthralling color of the soft earthen brown sand and paste turquoise blue of the sea. From cups&mugs to dinner sets, ExclusiveLane is all set to provide you with some of the most immeasurable quality products to let you dine within the lands of Goa itself.

    Finely crafted Bowls Online

    These two finely made handmade bowls with the holding capacity of 350 ml finished with hand glazing will add to the elegance of your kitchen and dining table with its glossy pastel tone of turquoise blue. To add to the tranquility, it is glossed with an enchanting amalgamation of earthen brown color terra cotta-like matte finish that gives the visualization of soft and wet sand on the shore of the sea in one's mind. This divine set of bowls is lead-free and microwave and dishwasher safe, making it all the more convenient for use. Get this set of bowls from the Goan Paradise collection today and serve your cuisines with the peace and tranquility of Goa itself.

    Amazing Dinner Sets Range For Guests

    ExclusiveLane Handicraft store offers you the most exquisite set of hand pottery made of a set of dinnerware comprising 4 dinner plates and 4 katoris of 180 ml each to serve your whole family with the warmth and serenity of the landscapes of Goa. This unique circle-shaped katoris can be used to serve all types of desserts along with the main course served on the plates, enhancing your culinary experience with the finest shades of turquoise blue and glossed with sober earthen brown terracotta like the matte finish. Being 100% lead-free and microwave safe, this dinner set will deliver you the memories of the beaches of Goa itself you never knew existed. So grab one set for yourself today, before the stock runs out!

    The beauty of turquoise blue on your tableware

    The beaches of Goa have been gifted with extraordinary beauty, and our Goan Paradise collection tries to capture that beauty of your table with the beautiful shades of turquoise blue. The silent crashing of the blue waves on the earthen brown sands stretching along the shores of goa deliver a feeling of pure bliss and tranquility and provides one with a view of the lifetime. The waves with the captivating shades of turquoise blue are what we craft our Goan Paradise collection with, which gives the diner a feeling of dining in front of the shores itself and visualizing its mesmerizing color, making the shade of blue a crucial aspect for the decor of the collection.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q1. What is so unique about Goan paradise?

    Inspired by the visual aesthetics of the beaches of Goa, the Goan Paradies collection will leave you in awe with the variety of ceramic ware depicting the divine landscapes of Goa. 

    Q2. Why is Goan paradise turquoise blue in colour?

    The Goan paradise turquoise blue colour will brighten up your kitchen with its purity and visual aesthetic, prospering it will have nothing but positive vibes and enhanced decor. It is inspired by the serene beaches in Goa, and their silent waves crashing against the shore whose aura is delivered right on your dinner table with the beautiful shade of turquoise blue on this collection.

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