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Save your kitchen countertops and delicate plates from harsh scratches of knives. ExclusiveLane b...Read More

Save your kitchen countertops and delicate plates from harsh scratches of knives. ExclusiveLane brings thoughtfully crafted exquisitely designed wooden chopping boards that can also be used as cheese boards.Read Less

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    Chopping Boards Online: Your Essential Kitchen Tool

    Chop, Chop! A good chopping board is synonymous to a workhorse of a kitchen. It is an essential addition to your kitchen armoury which not only protects your work surfaces and fingers but also saves your food from all the unwanted bugs and contamination. They make for a faithful companion for all your kitchen adventures including the slicing and dicing needs and a wooden chopping board will not only make your life easier in the kitchen but also last you for years. 

    Exclusive lane comes up with a range of kitchen chopping boards online to solve your niggling kitchen problems. The boards themselves are sized to perfection, while the corner ‘feet’ gripping worktops of these sturdy yet artistic chopping boards are built to hold your food items in place and give you a non-slip experience.

    Which chopping board online should you buy?

    There are a myriad of chopping boards to choose from. But what makes up a good chopping board is more than just having a tough cutting surface, it should also be hard-wearing, knife-friendly and easy to clean. Wooden chopping boards come with smooth surfaces and are great to repel germs, turning food hygiene orthodoxy on its head. So, they should be your ideal pick. 

    Why Buy Exclusive Lane Chopping Boards Online?

    If you’re looking to invest in some hand-created kitchenware which is elegant and won’t cause any unnecessary wear and tear to your cutlery collection, then Exclusive Lane has a collection of stunning pieces that will grace your house with the essence of togetherness and exclusive designs.

    Our Cane Handwoven Chopping Board In Sheesham Wood & Iron is conveniently designed by sourcing cane from Assam, metal from Maharashtra and Sheesham wood from Uttar Pradesh; all combined to curate a designer kitchen chopping board. This is a versatile board which can be used for a number of purposes including chopping, cutting, slicing as well as serving a range of food.

    Another popular wooden chopping board online is our 'Arch Slate' Chopping Board In Acacia Wood design which comes with an elegant and food-grade finish that makes it a unique buy. Made from acacia wood, this attractive cutting board is elegant enough to be used to serve cheeses and meats while it effortlessly works as a weapon on your kitchen shelf to do all the chopping and slicing for you. It is from our 'The Vintage Woods' collection which screams simplicity and elegance on every note. 

    To top that, all our designs are eco-friendly, naturally anti-bacterial and sustainably harvested to give out a functional, durable and stylish appeal. 

    Exclusive Lane offer 24/7 Online Customer Support

    We understand how passionate you’re to adorn your kitchen space and score some designer cutlery and coasters to flaunt in your next kitty party or get together. But your quest to find a masterpiece shouldn’t withstand the ordeal of online shopping, so we allow all our clients to have a quick glance and do not miss the extensive variety of Indian handicrafts available at prior to making a final decision. Our 24/7 customer support will give you some wonderful deals and offers along with an easy return policy to help you buy lovely handicrafts pieces at the comfort of your home. Allow us to let you in on a secret, all our pieces are handcrafted with love and are exclusive to our portal (which means you will not get them anywhere else). So, what are you waiting for, get your cart filling and order now!

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    Why is wood the best material for chopping boards?

    Time and again wood has emerged as the king material for chopping boards. And it’s not worthless. Wooden chopping boards are one of the safest materials for vegetable cutting boards as they don’t let bacterias survive on their surface, as compared to plastic chopping boards. Wood is also extra kind to the knife blades. Chopping a board with a knife can be a difficult situation to deal with. However, the wooden cutting board surface helps keep the knife as sharp as possible and avoids bending the blade. Lastly, wood is gorgeous and adds to the look of your kitchen!

    How to season a wooden chopping board?

    All ExclusiveLane chopping boards are delivered to you pre-seasoned. However, if you do order a chopping board online which isn’t seasoned, or wish to restore an old board, make sure you apply a thorough initial seasoning. Begin by saturating the cutting board in oil. The oil helps in keeping away any unwanted moisture and bacteria as it seeps down the wood and saturates the wood fibres. Next, rub the oil in with a clean towel, letting it work into the fibres of the wood. Once done, a thick layer of excess oil might be visible on top of your board. Let your board rest for five minutes, allowing the oil to get absorbed. Work on one surface of the board at a time, letting it sit overnight, oiled up, so that the oil gets completely absorbed. Repeat this process at least 3 times in order to ensure that even the thicker parts of the board have been thoroughly oiled.

    How to remove scratches from a wooden chopping board?

    It is natural for any well-used chopping board to develop unsightly scratch marks over time. In order to remove scratches from your wooden chopping board and maintain the beautiful look of your wooden chopping board, all you need to do is lightly sand and oil it. You can use fine sandpaper that is specifically made for use on both wet and dry wood. The higher number on a grade of sandpaper, the less coarse it is and the smoother the finish will be. Sandpaper with grit around 200 is recommended to gently remove the scratches, followed by a hand sanding with a 400 grit sandpaper to produce a luxuriously smooth finish. Once sanded, wipe the wooden chopping board of dust with a damp sponge and let it air dry. 


    What is the meaning of a chopping board?

    Chopping boards are generally used for chopping or cutting fruits and vegetables.
    It is one of the kitchen utensils used in most south Indian homes. They are either made of plastic or wooden which looks like a flat surface when slicing can be done in an easier manner. Glass cutting boards are also available but they are hard when it comes to maintenance than the others.

    What is the usage of chopping boards?

    It is a go-to kitchen item that is used for chopping vegetables or fruits. It is one of the best kitchen utensils which does not occupy much space and can be seated in any corner of the house. They are generally 12 - 15 inches of a standard inch.

    What type of chopping board is best?

    Wooden or plastic boards are perfect and easy to use and also has easier maintenance. If you are able to clean and maintain glass boards, then they are also the perfect ones to be chosen for your modular kitchen. 

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