'Circles of Wood' Log Handcrafted Coasters (Set Of 6)
'Circles of Wood' Log Handcrafted Coasters (Set Of 6)
'Circles of Wood' Log Handcrafted Coasters (Set Of 6)
'Circles of Wood' Log Handcrafted Coasters (Set Of 6)
'Circles of Wood' Log Handcrafted Coasters (Set Of 6)
'Circles of Wood' Log Handcrafted Coasters (Set Of 6)

'Circles of Wood' Log Handcrafted Coasters (Set Of 6)

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SKU: EL-005-373
COLOUR: Light Brown
MATERIAL: Mango Wood
ART TYPE: Handcrafted


Inspired from the simple, natural, breezy spring freshness of the 90s, ‘Circles of Wood’ from the collection ‘A Tale of Woods’ is a set of beautifully handcrafted set of six round coasters; a fable of an enigmatic season, that captures the essentially raw aspects of nature into versatile, artistic tableware. Each coaster has been cut from a log of mango wood, with the classic natural wood finish over the natural grain circles on them. Craftspeople from the interiors of the country have crafted this set of coasters by hand, with so much love, to bring back the nostalgia of precious days of togetherness and the rawness of nature brought to life, from a spring in retrospective, to your table tops and favorite home spaces.


- Perfect set of coasters to rest your beverages upon & protect the surface of your table.
- Set of 6 Coasters.
- Handcrafted in Mango wood.
- Comes in Light Brown Color.
- Comes in the following dimensions:
TOTAL: 3.8" (L), 3.8" (W), 2.7" (H),
EACH COASTER: 3.8" (L), 3.8" (W), 0.35" (H) Inch in size.
- It will definitely add a fragment of raw Indian tribal culture to your table.

Remembering spring before the modern ages, a spring of the 90s, it’s beautiful how the mind is coddled with memories of climbing all those trees filled with new leaves, of kites being flown and meadows being chased through. The enigmatic transformation of a silent, cold winter into a spring with a new lease of new life, was something everyone waited for. Those joyous, sunlit afternoons with family were spent sipping filter coffee after a hearty lunch, surrounded in the magic of love in the season of bloom, decades ago. The blessing of nature in the freshness of green around, the crystal blue of cloudless skies, buzzy bees and fluttery butterflies over blossoming flowers and breezy days of just the right climate, initiates this want, to go back to slower easier times; to enjoy spring again, in retrospective.

‘A Tale of Woods’ is a unique range of wooden tableware, handcrafted with so much love, by craftspeople from the interiors of India, celebrating the season of love and life. Inspired from the raw freshness of blooming spring forests, this collection of simple, artistic trays and coaster sets is handcrafted in steam beech, sheesham and mango wood; the most beautiful aspect of which is how the natural feel and texture of the woods have been kept intact with detailed finishings, by skilled artisans. The use of pastel spring yellow and green on wood in this collection brings out the subtlety of this beautiful season. ‘A Tale of Woods’ is indeed a fable of spring, versatile and artistic, to fit into any space and make your table tops cozy, warm and embellished with love, from nature.

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