Why you need a Ganesha idol for your home

Indian culture has many gods and goddesses, but the significance of Ganesha has is beyond any explanation. Lord Shiva’s son, Ganesha is blessed to be worshipped before anyone else according to mythological beliefs. Even Vastu Shashtra, the Indian science of architecture or placement of everything in a structure gives the Ganesha idol utmost importance. Whether one starts a new business, buys a new car, a new home, or anything good that is done or bought always begins with the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Most of the Indian homes have Ganesha Idols or portraits in their little temples, and some use it as a décor piece. If this Ganesha Chaturthi, you are planning to welcome this lord of prosperity in your home, it is better to do it the proper way. From the ifs and buts of keeping the lord of happiness and prosperity here are some tips on why you need Ganesha in your home.


Ganesha Brings peace and prosperity

Every part of the Ganesha idol signifies a deep meaning that brings happiness, joy, and prosperity to one’s home. The big head signifies to think bigger and deeper, large ears signify to listen more and clearer, smallmouth signifies to speak less and meaningful, having one tusk signifies retaining what is good and leaving what is bad. The left hand in blessing posture is to shower blessings and protection while the right hand with modak in it is to give a reward for hard work.

Place a baby Ganesha idol in your home to be showered with the blessing of this one of the most adorable gods.  It is his image that has a deep meaning, everything you see him, there is a sense of calmness, hopefulness, and inner peace that takes over one’s being. There is a reason why many hospitals, establishments, and offices keep Ganesha in their entrance. Keeping him in your home will bring a sense of positivity.

The right way for placement of Ganesha idol at home

If you are placing the Ganesha idol at the entrance of your home, try to place it in a way that its back is not towards the house. If it does, place two idols backing each other as it is said that poverty resides at the back of Ganesha. For placing the idol inside the house or in your temple, keep the back of the idol towards an outside wall and not any wall of the rooms.

The face of the Ganesha idol should be towards the north as it brings happiness in the house and spreads a sense of positivity. Not just for homes, but for offices and other such establishments where you wish to keep a Ganesha idol, these tips should be followed.


Pay attention to details

When you decide to place a lord Ganesha idol in your house, make sure to pay attention to little details. The trunk of the lord should be tilted towards the left hand as it depicts happiness and prosperity. Ganesha idols with trunks tilted to the right hand is said to have the power of the sun which can be disastrous if you do not follow correct rituals.

The idol should also have a modak in his hand and a mouse as the part of the idol. The sweets are the fruit of hard work and the mouse represents a materialistic desire. There are many hidden meanings in a Ganesha idol so choose it wisely.

Be eco friendly for Ganesha visarjan

Although the lord Ganesha is adored by everyone, during the puja season it can be a mess for the environment. If you are bringing Lord Ganesha to your homes, try to be a little eco-friendly. There are several options for Ganesha murti online which are 100% biodegradable. You can go for the ones made with soil, terracotta, papier mache, and such other eco-friendly sustainable elements for your Ganesha idol. Brands like ExclusiveLane are providing a huge range of terracotta Ganesha idols online in various beautiful designs.

These can be worshipped during the puja and immersed in water without any harm to the environment and nature. They are free from chemicals or such harmful elements that pose danger to nature. Such terracotta and clay idols are also perfect for homes that try to stay away from harmful chemicals often used in making idols from plastic or plaster of Paris.

Let Lord Ganesha fill your life with his blessings showering you with peace, happiness, and prosperity by placing his idol in the right location and correct mudras. You can easily find several lord Ganesha idols in various colors, and postures online in India from stores like Exclusive Lane. Get one for yourself or gift one to your loved ones.


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