Use Handicraft Elements For Summer Home Decor 2023 And Decorate Your Home


Origin Of Handicraft, Summer Home Decor Items

Artisanal or handmade articles, known popularly as handicraft items are a brilliant alternative to mundane and modern decor ideas for your home. Handicraft has been a huge cultural part of the Indian subcontinent. Summer house decoration, especially, entails the usage of such colourful decorative items. For ages, Indians have found ways to decorate their home space with easily available raw materials, by creatively employing faculties. 

With the advancement and the advent of tools these handicraft items which were initially made completely with one’s hands were made with the use of simple tools. Such summer house decor ideas, which gave shape to handicraft products, however, are a very difficult skill to master. It is this traditional, artistic yet unique process of making handicraft items which makes them costlier than their machine-made alternates.

Handicrafts comprise traditional weaving, stitching, jewellery making, pottery etc. among paperwork, woodwork and other decorative handicraft items. In this blog, we intend to give you an idea of the emerging handicraft summer home decor, in 2023. 

Summer Home Decor Ideas To Revamp Your Space

While home decorations are not done depending on the seasons, most people find summer the most suitable time of the year to revitalise their home space by making changes by choosing various summer decorations for the house. Whether it’s the joyous seasonal vibes or lengthier days which afford folks the time to finally re-do their houses is up for debate. 

We’ve curated a list of some amazing handicraft decor items for various spaces in your home.  

Summer Home Decor For Living Area

When talking about redesigning or redecorating your home, it is essential to decide the vibes or look you’re aiming to achieve in your living room foremost. To ensure your summer house living room design stands out and brightens the mood of anyone who visits you, you must begin by selecting a colour scheme and decor theme in advance.

You can choose from a list of popular items for summer home decor 2023 making sure your redecoration is trendy and contemporary. When it comes to ideas for summer house decor for the living area, we would suggest opting for indoor planters, handcrafted wall hangings, and simple table lamps to enhance the aesthetic and make the space appear ventilated and calm. 

Summer House Decoration Ideas For Your Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom decorations you can either go all the way out or keep things simple as per your preference. Trendy home decor for summer involves redoing your bedroom space above all others. The bedroom is your personal space, completely free from intrusion and is thus, the best room to reflect your personality. Decorating your home with brass items is a great way to add an archaic yet minimalist charm to the rooms. You can choose from a range of deities, wall hangings, and wind chimes depending on your preference.

Wall Art For Summer House Dining Space

With numerous easily available reference pictures, you can choose which aesthetic or colour scheme interests you most, and paint all the connecting room doors. Colourful summer house door ideas are a rage these days. Adding a pop of colour to each door will brighten and lighten your dining space for the summer season. 

You can also add some indoor plants to your dining space. Ideas for summer house decor including table planters, and magnetic planters will surely spruce up the look of your dining area, making it summer ready.

Subtle Summer Home Decor For The Study 

A study room is often the most easily done-up space in the house. Due to the sparse furniture and elements required in the study to give it a calm focused aura, studies can be decorated before you know it. Any simple wall art, for a summer house, can be used to decorate a study. You can get inspirational Indian wooden handicrafts. Products like wall shelves, have a purpose and add to the element of decor in your study room.

Summerhouse Decoration Ideas For The Perfect Bathroom With Handcrafted Accessories

In keeping with the redesigning of your house for the summer season we’re going to briefly touch upon bathroom decor products. Decorative showpieces in ceramic make for a great addition to your bathroom. Ceramic or marble handicraft items like good-quality soap, and shower gel dispensers break the monotony of the bathroom.

Tips And Tricks To Make Your Home Summer Ready

If you’re still concerned about how to prep your home ahead of the summer season. Fret no more, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve which will help you begin summer house decorations in no time. The most convenient ways include:

Add Bright Colours

Adding a few colourful hues to your space makes it summer-ready like nothing else. Interior designers across the globe agree that the use of colour is what enlivens a house making it the topmost summer home decor task. Be it painting your walls yellow or choosing the colourful handmade wall art that complements your sensibility, ensure your redecoration begins by playing with colours. 

Reinvent Your Garden/Balcony Space-

One trick you can use to quickly add life to your house is reinventing the outdoor seating areas like the balcony, or the garden. Summer garden decoration involves minimal effort and gives maximum results. Choose from a variety of handmade wall art and other colourful handicraft items and redesign the open spaces at your home. You can also enthuse your outdoor area with renewed vitality by employing urban gardening tips in your home to make the space airy and fresh.

Summer House Decor Ideas With Handmade Elements

Handcrafted decor items tend to have a very nice and calming effect on your senses. As obvious from the name, handcrafted items which are handmade with great caution and love for the different craft forms add unexplainable liveliness to your space. 

This summer when you decide to spruce up the spirit of your house, opt for handicraft elements to decorate your home and add a bit of your personality to your home decor by means of house decor items crafted with love.


Our comprehensive guide to the inside summer house decor will help you redecorate your house this season without any worry or creative blocks. Just follow our lead and make the most of the tips and tricks to add that summer vibrance to your house after the dull winters and engage actively with summer home decor 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I decorate my house in summer?

It’s best to first declutter your house and make use of wide, open space to begin redecorating. Choose bright colours, and play around with themes to brighten up the house for summer. The biggest highlights inside summer house decor lists are indoor plants. You can swap your woollen lounge throws with linen, and use lighter rugs for the floors.

When should you decorate for summer?

The best time to begin decorating your house for summer is sometime during the spring season. It is ideal to look up handicraft items for home decor as they add to the fun, breezy look suitable for the summer. You can begin at the end of March and prepare to redecorate during early April.

How is decor important in a home?

The aura of your home is essentially what keeps you moving and productive. The environment and decor have a great effect on your mood. That’s where the benefits of using handicraft elements to decorate your home become of the essence. The vibrance, fun and playfulness in most handicraft decor items is infectious and have a positive effect on your well-being. 

Be it winter or summer decorations for the house, both have an influence on you and as a result on your health.

What are the summer colours in the house?

Summerhouse decoration ideas usually revolve around the play of colours, this is because colours have a huge role to play in deciding the vibe of your home. Right after the slushy and cold winters it's best to include some warm undertones in your walls and choose light or bold colours for the house as per your preference. 

Colours are crucial, be it on the wall, doors or the decor items you use. It is advisable to synchronise the colour palette of the house. Use one colour scheme, whether bright or light, for wall art for the summer houses, showpieces etc.

How can I brighten my house in summer?

It’s a joyful and easily doable task to brighten up your home for the summer. You can browse our list of trendy home decor for summer and learn how to effectively lighten and brighten up your space this summer season. 

Make use of colour accents, and earthy and fun handicraft items for home decor. Display colourful wall art and use plant greens to give a fresh look to your house. 



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