Work from Home accessories 2020

The year 2020 has brought in so many changes in one’s life. We are being cautious to step outside, meeting strangers with bare hands or touching things. Along with wallets and mobile phones, now masks are the things that we dare not forget inside. Among all this, there is one change that has affected almost every professional working in the country, and it is Work from Home. People, whether they are from BPOs, IT companies, advertisements, or pretty much anything are now being asked to work from home to protect the workforce from covid exposure.

Since most of us have now converted our houses into little offices and cabins, why not adorn them with the best work from must-haves? From table organizers to find the perfect desk to work, from a comfortable chair to beautiful vibrant cushions to place on them for comfort, there is so much that can make working from home the best time of your life. If you are feeling confused about what accessories and table arrangements, you should get for yourself, here are some fabulous ideas that will fill you with the utmost motivation to work.


Keep your table organized for better output

The key to better output professionally is well organized day and desk. It will help you in decluttering your everyday work, planning effortlessly, and finding everything in place. This goes without saying about your work from the home desk as well. Since you will be working from home, spending a little on good desk organizers can go a long way. Find a perfect laptop stand that can help in keeping your posture right while allowing the laptop to stay cool. If you have to keep a lot of books for work or files, hand-carved wooden file holders and handmade bookends will enhance the beauty of your desk.

Keep little things in one place with a hand-painted table organizer with little drawers which can also be used as a pen stand. Apart from these, mobile phone or tablet holders that can help in keeping your device steady for those zoom calls is a must-have for everyone on their desk. All this will not only keep your desk neat but will also make it aesthetically pleasing to work on it as well.



Focus on mental wellbeing along with work

Working from work comes with many benefits such as you do not have to hurry up every morning or worry about missing your ride or traffic. However, it can also take a toll on your mental health and well-being. On the way to the office and in the office, we meet so many new people and interact with office friends. While staying home, you kind of miss out on all this, and it can make you feel low on energy or affect your concentration.

You can avoid this by spending some time refreshing your senses and feeling relaxed. One of the most important work from home essentials is an aroma diffuser. Place one in the corner or on the table where you are working, filling it with soothing essential oils. It will lower down your stress levels and enhance focus.

Another way to keep your mood enlightened is to create beautiful visuals around you. Choose colorful accessories, hand-painted coasters, vibrant vases with fresh flowers, and handmade frames with pictures of special moments from your family. This kind of light-hearted visuals creates a sense of positivity around you. No need to worry about where to get all this. ExclusiveLane has a lovely work from home edit crafted by artisans.



Make working from home exciting with perfect desk accessories

Doing office work from home can be boring especially when you have to sit in front of the laptop or desktop for the whole day. Instead of making your workspace at home look like your boring office, perk it up with the best work from home desk accessories available on ExclusiveLane. Created by amazing artisans from all over the country, these desk accessories are colorful, vibrant, and available in various designs. Whether you are someone who loves minimal chic décor accessories, or you love something with a hint of traditional aesthetics, you can get it all on this one-stop-shop for home décor.

Not just for yourself, if you know someone who is working from home or has an office set up at home, gifting creative desk organizers and table décor pieces can motivate them. You can gift these accessories and home décor items to kids as well or college-going teenagers giving them a nudge for creating their own space. ExclusiveLane is delivering décor accessories and gifting options across the country. Send out love along with a perfect present for your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary, Diwali, new year or just to bring a smile on their face.


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