Classic Furniture Pieces That Will Never Go Out of Style

Following home decor trends is always exciting but there are some things that never really went out of style. In the furniture arena, there are several pieces that would look perfect, twenty years from as they do today. They are not a trend that would come and go, but timeless pieces that would never lose their charm even after years of being introduced. Trends can be difficult to predict and not worth investing in because a particular product may be all over the blogs and shops but after five years from now, it is going to feel outdated and old. 

Setting up your home furniture and choosing your decor is a one-time investment. So you do not want to spend your money and time on selecting pieces of furniture that would go out of style ten years from now instead why not choose pieces that would give you the new home feeling even after ten years and make your house look as beautiful as it would look at the first day. Check out ExclusiveLane’s list of timeless home furniture styles that are a must-have in your house. 

Here are some classic furniture items your home deserves:

Wooden furniture is always in trend. It always elevates the aesthetics of the place where it is arranged. At ExclusiveLane you will wooden home decor items that would never go out of style at the most affordable prices.

  1. Wooden Armchairs: The elegance of armchairs always gives us a homely feeling. An armchair is your go-to furniture if you choose comfort as your first criteria. It is made with backrests and armbands to make your back and arms relaxed after a long tiring day. If you have had a rough day then sitting in an armchair in your first thing to do to feel relaxed and calm. You can also use it for long lunches and conversations during your family gatherings. Wooden armchairs are one of the classic home furniture pieces that every house should have!
  2. Wooden Dining Tables: One cannot resist the inviting warmth of wooden dining tables. Wooden dining tables are a classic and elegant addition to your house furniture. Make your dining room more attractive by fitting in eye-catching wooden dining tables. Make your food time more comfortable and memorable with this classic home furniture.
  3. Console sets: ExclusiveLane has a wide range of unique console sets that are all handcrafted using Sheesham wood that is of the finest quality. This classic vintage furniture piece ensures that is the best fit for your bedroom. The set is made up of a spacious rectangular table that has two handy drawers, where you can store your jewellery, toiletries, stationery, and other necessities, and an elegant mirror that matches the table perfectly. At ExclusiveLane you would find varied console sets such as Darpan and Fitoor, they are also available in different colours so browse through the website for a better idea.  
  4. Mirrors: Made with extreme love and devotion by the Indian artisans, ExclusiveLane’s Noor mirrors is an ideal pick to elevate the charm of your room. It comes fully assembled so you can skip the hard work! These minimalist mirrors are made with Sheesham wood and seasoned wood planks by experienced craftsmen to ensure that you receive a product worthy enough of the money you have spent. The Noor mirrors are available in two designs one with a teak finish and the other with a walnut finish. Pick the one you love the most!
  5. Storage: If you are looking for a vintage and timelessly designed chest of drawers, ExclusiveLane is your go-to place. Made with prior assembly by skilled craftsmen these classic furniture pieces are all set to not only make your house look beautiful but also make it look clean and tidy. These storages come with unique designed drawers where you can store all your important things and then later find them all in one place. It is here to make your work easier (also your maid!) while adding charm to your house. You can find huge varieties of storage at ExclusiveLane such as Stark, Stellar, and Wisdom. Here, you can also get other furniture pieces such as TV Units and bookshelf. 
  6. Table: At ExclusiveLane you will find console tables in two distinctive varieties, one is Sajda that has two drawers for storing your books, stationery, jewelry, or any other item and is available in walnut finish and teak finish that adds up to the charm of the table making it the most charming vintage furniture piece in your bedroom. The second product is Karma, this console table made with Sheesham wood comes with one drawer that has dainty gold handles. It has round elegant legs making it a masterpiece that can be placed in your bedroom, dressing room, or living room. Similar to Sajda, the Karma console table also comes in two different finishes, teak and walnut.  You can also place a classic mirror at the top of these tables and make this masterpiece more adorned with it. Choose your favourite handcrafted wooden console table and pair it with a mirror to give your house a completely vintage and homely feeling.  

To Conclude

Setting up your house can be a difficult and time-consuming task. From looking for the flawless rug to choosing furniture pieces all of it needs to be done with utmost perfection. Also managing to choose classic home decor that never goes out of style is an added task. But with ExclusiveLane at your rescue, you can all do it with a hassle-free experience. Apart from console sets, mirrors, tables, and storage, here you can also find other amazing handcrafted wooden furniture such as bookshelves, and TV units, that will not add to the traditional aesthetic of your house but also make sure to receive appreciation from all your guests. Browse through ExclusiveLane’s e-store and choose your favourite piece of furniture. ExclusiveLane will make sure to provide you with the best wooden furniture that will never go out of style at your budgeted prices!

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