Plant lovers probably know about the snake plant. It is often referred to as the mother-in-law plant. Since snake plants don't require much attention, they are considered low-maintenance. So, if you want to start gardening and planting but are very busy and often fail to take regular care of your plants, you can go for snake plants. They are quite pretty and can go on for weeks without proper care. That adds to the long list of the significance of the snake plant.

The scientific name for this plant is Sansevieria. Well, a snake plant would be a wise choice for apartment or building complex residents. It’s an excellent choice for office sectors and buildings as well. You don’t need to water it every day. It does not require direct exposure to sunlight, can be neglected for two to three weeks straight, and still manage to look as fresh as new! To kill a Sansevieria can be termed as one of the most challenging jobs! Simply if you want to add some greenery to your home and balcony, just go for it! But that is not it! There is a very long list that can be constructed for the sansevieria plant benefits. Let’s look at the snake plant benefits

  • NASA has approved snake plants as a natural air purifier. Besides NASA, many other research studies have proved that Sansevieria removes toxins such as nitrogen oxides, xylene, formaldehyde, toluene, etc., from the air and thus filters the air. Think of your water purifier removing all the imposter particles from your drinking water, making it purified. Sansevieria works just the same way for purifying the air. 

  • These plants also release a lot of oxygen at night. It is known to us all plants take in carbon dioxide, released by human beings, and they use it for photosynthesis which releases oxygen in turn. But, these plants are unique because they can take in a lot of carbon dioxide at night and remove a bulk of oxygen. So, they are the best option for everybody as they promote the promise of better health and a healthier environment.


  • Snake plants also help combat different allergies and diseases. No, it’s not a lie. They are proven effective to fight against many allergies. Alongside oxygen, they also release moisture in the air, which effectively fights airborne allergies. For example, a very well-known syndromic disease, known as the Sick Building Syndrome or SBS, has taken its toll on many working individuals. Worry not. Snake plants help out in combating SBS as well. Experts say that most of the syndromes in SBS are related to poor indoor air qualities in buildings or workplaces. Sansevieria helps out with that. 

  • Unlike other plants, they continue the process of photosynthesis even at night, which makes them unique. This enables them to produce oxygen day and night. So they are basically like ATO- Any Time Oxygen!

Apart from its outstanding benefits, snake plants come in varieties! You have a bunch to choose from. There are 8 types of snake plants. Let’s have a look at snake plant spiritual benefits:

  1. Sansevieria trifasciata
  2. Sansevieria gracilis
  3. Sansevieria canaliculata
  4.  Sansevieria patens
  5. Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii’
  6. Sansevieria cylindrica
  7. Sansevieria fischeri
  8. Sansevieria masoniana

So, you have a variety to choose from. Look up at their pictures and choose the one that pleases your eyes the best! You can also look at our website for beautiful planters online to decorate them and give them an even more aesthetic appearance. 

 Snake plants even produce cute tiny flowers known as the snake plant flower with minimal sunlight and water. These plants truly define the term effortlessly beautiful in the plant world!

As easy as growing a snake plant, you need to know certain things you should keep at the back of your mind to develop a snake plant. So let’s have a look into those:

  • Over-watering is the worst for snake plants. You need to leave the soil to dry up in between the watering periods. You just need to give them the least amount of attention. Over caring kills them!

  • Indirect sunlight is the best for them. However, an extended period of exposure to direct sunlight can cause severe damage to them.

  • When you water these plants, try to avoid getting water into the leaves. That can be harmful to the entire plant.

  • Fertilisation is essential during the growing period.

  • Free draining soil mix is the ideal type of soil for snake plants.

  • A porous pot is the best option to go for a snake plant. Terracotta pots are the ideal and most suitable type of pot for snake plants.

  • Whenever buying a snake plant, choose the ones with dark green leaves. The light and pale leaves indicate that the plants are already in a bad state, so be wise and choose a good plant.


  • Spring is the best season to plant them, and summer is their growing season.

It is also believed that snake plants bring good fortune. Snake plants also have a spiritual value in addition to the social, environmental, economic, and health benefits. Positive energy is produced by them, and they are believed to create a positive atmosphere. Snake plant spiritual meaning has been popularised worldwide. Besides making oxygen at night and creating an ideal environment for sleeping, snake plants also act as a shield or armour against bad energies, according to the feng shui traditions. According to science, they remove all toxins from the air, making it more pure and healthier. Positive energy and good fortune are related to it because it enhances your health. There can be no dispute that "Health is the greatest wealth of a human being". Following feng shui, these plants should be placed in the southern or eastern corners of the home to bring good fortune. So, choose a snake plant today because snake plant advantages can’t be ignored or neglected and endow yourself with a better and healthier life! ExclusiveLane brings you a fantastic range of plants and planters. 

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