'The Sunny Elephants' Hand Carved & Hand Painted Showpiece In Eucalyptus Wood

SKU: EL-025-054

'The Sunny Elephants' Hand Carved & Hand Painted Showpiece In Eucalyptus Wood

SKU: EL-025-054
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  • COLOUR: Yellow
  • MATERIAL: Eucalyptus Wood
  • ART FORM: Hand-Carved
  • Made in India
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shipra k

खूबसूरत और मज़बूत



Hand Carved & Hand Painted

Eucalyptus Wood

LARGE (L * W * H) = (4.1 * 1.8 * 4.9), SMALL (L * W * H) = (3.7 * 1.7 * 3.1) Inch


232 grams

2 Showpieces

- Please refer to dimensions images and dimensions of the curios before buying.
- Comes in a set of 2.
- These small showpieces can also be used as office & table decor.
- The height of the curios range from 3.1 Inch to 4.9 Inch.
- As this product is completely handmade there might be a slight color or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique.
- Wipe it with a piece of mildly wet cloth only.


The leaves danced to the unheard beat, whispering their tales to the wind softly. A sense of kinship painted upon the flora and fauna, clothed in the greens of every palette. The grand elephant walked majestically by the damp grass, the wise owl guarding the souls of the night. From the humming bees to the enchanting birds of every colour, all stood by and applauded the tales of these animals, as their stories go way back in time, narrated generations after generations as folk tales. A new smile paints itself upon grandma's freckled face, her rose-pink lips illuminated by the brightness of her happy memories of this magical world of the stories her own grandma once weaved as her bedtime stories. Her wrinkles were the map of her soul, her heart that remembers the tales that once filled her eyes with sunshine. The mystical world of the animal kingdom and their countless tales were what she still dreamed at night, for they were the stories that fulfilled her imaginative curiosity as a child.

The folk tales of India have a legacy of their own, being narrated generations after generations as the perfect bedtime stories, they take us back to our own childhood days when we found beauty, magic and wonder in everything we laid our eyes on. Plucking a strand of inspiration from the same memory lane, we created a collection that is truly one of a kind; "˜The Mystical Beings Of Indian Folklore'. Embraced by the presence creatures like grand elephants, owls of wisdom and so much waiting for you, these cedar and eucalyptus wood pieces will take you on a journey to recollect your childhood once again. Hand carved and hand painted with the exquisite and warm shades of dark brown, black, yellow and a whole palette of love, these pieces will bring all the qualities that these animals symbolise into the loving air of your home.

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Extracting its beauty and grace from the awe-inspiring creations of the Almighty that have been narrated centuries after centuries in our folk tales, 'The Sunny Elephants' is a striking piece in our collection of showpieces. Made with Eucalyptus wood, this luminuos pair of elephants painted with a radiant shade of yellow and decorated with pretty patterns, this showpiece mirror the first heartwarming rays of the Sun. In your home, surrounded by the scent of warmth and love, the delicate bloom of prosperity and happiness, this grand piece will emit dignity, wisdom and kindness, the qualities that these creatures have been known to symbolise in our ancestral folk tales. Your house is just a blank canvas until you bring your own personality to it, make your mark and express what is sacred to you, and with this product, make your house your home with the auspicious presence of the hand carved and hand painted 'The Sunny Elephants'.


- This decorative curio can be put anywhere including homes and offices.
- Comes in a set of 2.
- Made in Eucalyptus Wood.
- Hand Carved & Hand Painted in Eucalyptus Wood.
- This product has been made by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.
- Comes in Yellow color.
- Comes in the following dimensions:
LARGE: 4.1" (L), 1.8" (W), 4.9" (H),
SMALL: 3.7" (L), 1.7" (W), 3.1" (H) Inch in size.


Wipe it with a piece of mildly wet cloth only.

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