'The Curvy Towers' Handcrafted Terrazzo Tea Light Holder In Concrete (Set of 2)
'The Curvy Towers' Handcrafted Terrazzo Tea Light Holder In Concrete (Set of 2)
'The Curvy Towers' Handcrafted Terrazzo Tea Light Holder In Concrete (Set of 2)
'The Curvy Towers' Handcrafted Terrazzo Tea Light Holder In Concrete (Set of 2)

'The Curvy Towers' Handcrafted Terrazzo Tea Light Holder In Concrete (Set of 2)

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SKU: EL-008-157
MATERIAL: Concrete
ART TYPE: Handcrafted In Terrazzo & Concrete


Terrazzo, as subtle as it sounds hails its origin from the country of Italy that is home to many famous structures and is known all around the globe for its rich diversity in the field of art and architecture. The history of this auspicious material can be traced back in the Egyptian and Turkish cultures where it was known for its premium and sublime quality. Terrazzo was formed accidentally yet in a remarkable fashion when the workers in the city of Venice, Italy decided to grind the oddly shaped marble leftover after jobs in clay with a tool called ' Galera '. The Terrazzo was known to show its colours only when it was wet until it was discovered that a tinch of milk gave it the real upbeat colour. It was then, the outrageous introduction of white Portland cement which allowed for a limitless variety of colourful terrazzos that is in use in today's modern world. From monochromatic minimalism to brilliantly hued and extravagant patterns and mosaics, terrazzo is incredibly versatile.

Inspired by the attractive realms of the art of Italy, 'The Concrete Essentials' is a wide range of home products crafted and handmade by skilled artisans and expert craftsmen from the interiors of Uttar Pradesh in India. This ornate collection of home items is handcrafted by exposing terrazzo chips to the concrete mix of cement, admixtures, aggregates and tints by skilled artisans, in reminiscence of the long-gone Italian era of Renaissance. The collection includes tableware, vases, stationery, garden decor, multi-utility boxes and tea-light holders where the same mixture is used in different compositions giving it shapes that entails one to get lost into the incredibly diversified Italian culture of artistry from both the ancient and modern times. The most prominent attribute of durability along with a tinge of the expressive bygone culture ensures that 'The Concrete Essentials' is a delightful completion to your home decor that can only bring bundles of joy, happiness and peace around at any time throughout the year.

Beauty comes in all shapes, colours and sizes, and to commemorate the spirit of celebrating beauty in all the forms gifted to us, 'The Curvy Candles' has been known to grace our collection ‘The Concrete Essentials’. Presented to you as the picture perfect tea light holder to be added to your home decor, this pretty candle holder is what you have been looking for as your statement piece of decor. Establising itself on a firm stand, the candles emits the environment with the pretty shade of pastel sea-green and fibrance of the soft light, giving your home a vibe of relaxation. 'The Curvy Candles’ becomes a true treat to the eyes with its exquisite concrete cylindrical design, because beauty does not come 'one-size-fits-all’, its diversity is what makes it beautiful. Its simple beauty is enough to mesmerize us all, it's time to believe in the most humble of beautiful miracles of this stunning piece that will fill your entire loving home with.


- Perfect to be put in your living room or bedroom and light up your décor spaces.
- Perfect to create an auspicious aura for your favourite spaces.
- Protected with a high-performance sealant, making it well protected against dampness.
- The presence of a lacquer coating, makes it well protected against scratching and staining.
- Comes in a set of 2.
- Handcrafted With Neon Flakes In Concrete
- This product has been made by hand and may have slight colour or design irregularities that are natural outcomes of the human involvement in the process.
- Rubber stoppers are present at the bottom of the product.
- Comes in Laurel Green colour.
- Comes in the following dimensions: SMALL (L * W * H) = (2.6 * 2.6 * 2.9), LARGE (L * W * H) = (2.6 * 2.6 * 3.7) Inch in size.

Handcrafted With Neon Flakes In Concrete


LARGE (L * W * H) = (2.6 * 2.6 * 3.7), SMALL (L * W * H) = (2.6 * 2.6 * 2.9) Inch

Laurel Green



- Comes in a set of 2.
- Rubber stoppers are present at the bottom of the product.
- As this product is handcrafted there might be a slight colour or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique.
- Does not come with the tea light candle shown in the picture.
- Wipe it with a piece of mildy wet cloth only.

2 Tea Light Holders

Wipe it with a piece of mildy wet cloth only.

The overall quality of the product depends upon the quality of the mould from which it was produced and a precise mix of concrete. The mould is made out of silicone and takes about 7 days depending how complicated the piece is to make. We then do casting in the mould which is then demoulded after 24 hours. The material of the product is concrete, which consisits of specially developed eco-friendly blends of fly ash, cement, terrazzo chips and tints. Terrazzo consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite or glass and is added to enhance the overall decorative look of the product. The product is then kept in water for 3-4 days from where it gains strength. Once delivered from the mould, every product undergoes rigorous inspections before being hand polished, sealed and finished with the rejection rate of 5%. All products are protected with high-performance sealant and lacquer coating, making them well protected against roughness and scratching & staining respectively, thereby giving the product a glossy finish.