'Terra-Glow ' Handmade Tea-Light Holder In Terracotta
'Terra-Glow ' Handmade Tea-Light Holder In Terracotta
'Terra-Glow ' Handmade Tea-Light Holder In Terracotta
'Terra-Glow ' Handmade Tea-Light Holder In Terracotta
'Terra-Glow ' Handmade Tea-Light Holder In Terracotta

'Terra-Glow ' Handmade Tea-Light Holder In Terracotta

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SKU: EL-008-129
COLOUR: Earthen Brown
MATERIAL: Terracotta
ART TYPE: Handmade Along With Floral Cut Work


"Handcrafted in terracotta, ‘Terra-Glow’ is a beautiful tea-light holder, embellished with stunning hand cut-work. With a unique shape of a small mouth and wide bottom and an easy detachable top, this tea-light holder shows off strength, built and skilled-craftsmanship. When a tea-light is lit inside the holder, the light falls through the cutwork in beautiful patterns. Handcrafted with love by artisans from the interiors of Eastern India, ‘Terra-Glow’ displays the affection of a beautiful earth material and the human hand, to bring the golden glow of traditional Indian living, into your favourite home and table spaces.


- Perfect to be put in your living room to create a relaxing atmosphere.
- The top part is detachable to replace the tea light.
- It is Handmade Along With Floral Cut Work.
- Handmade in Terracotta.
- Comes in Earthen Brown Color.
- Comes in the following dimensions: 3.3” (L), 3.3” (W), 4” (H) Inch in size.
- Depicts Studio Pottery done by the craftsmen.

When rain-clouds spread themselves across the skies of Eastern India, everything goes silent for a few heartbeats. And then, as the light pittar-patter of raindrops slowly turns into a humming musical, nature comes alive. The rain pouring down the thick jungle cover, drips through tall cane bushes and drops to the soil. The soul sound of rainwater, fused with the smell of fresh earth, marks the start of a beautiful romance, between rain-thriving soft cane and rustic terracotta.

‘Cane & Terracotta Affair’ is a love tale of two earth materials, handcrafted into a range of beautiful, simple tableware products, by skilled artisans from the interiors of Eastern India. The coming together of light, durable, natural handwoven cane with strongly baked terracotta, sets a raw tone of unwavering love to your table tops and favourite home spaces. The use of cane on the handles of cups and mugs is to ease out the experience of drinking a hot beverage. ‘Cane & Terracotta Affair’ is a story of romance and contentment, handcrafted with love by these craftspeople, to make those experiences with your loved one filled with earthy goodness and togetherness.