'Majestic Marvel' Handwoven Rajasthani Panja Dhurrie In Wool (60 x 36 Inches or 5 x 3 Feet)

SKU: EL-042-006

'Majestic Marvel' Handwoven Rajasthani Panja Dhurrie In Wool (60 x 36 Inches or 5 x 3 Feet)

SKU: EL-042-006
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  • COLOUR: Rich Off-white, Grey and Black
  • MATERIAL: Wool
  • ART FORM: Handwoven
  • Made in India
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Handwoven using a panja tool on a traditional loom


(L * W) = (60 * 36) Inches

Rich Off-white, Grey and Black

1798 grams

1 Dhurrie

- This product has been made by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.


The ‘Panja Dhurries of Rajasthan’ is a collection inspired by the ages old, traditional handloom craft of dhurrie-weaving. The legacy of this craft of the bygone era is still kept alive through the nimble fingers of masterful weavers in Rajasthan. ‘‘Panja’’ is a peculiar claw-like tool that is used on the loom machine to weave the weft, hence coining the name ‘Panja Dhurries’. Rare and expensive, a single panja dhurrie can take upto 15 days to be woven and perfected. Adorning brilliant colours, the most common designs on the dhurries include the quintessential stripes and geometric patterns. Paying homage to the heritage of panja weaving, the ‘Panja Dhurries of Rajasthan’ collection brings to you magnificent panja dhurries crafted with utmost skill - where each thread sings a story of Indian culture, keeping this forgotten craft alive.

Crafted by skilled weavers from Rajasthan, these Panja Dhurries have been handwoven with the finest quality of wool. The collection features exquisite Panja Dhurries in refreshing and classic colours depicting traditional stripes and minimalistic and sophisticated geometric motifs. These Panja Dhurries are perfect for your living rooms, bedrooms and patios – adding an element of cultural beauty to your home spaces. They are also an excellent gift for your loved ones for housewarmings and the festive season, to adorn their house with a beautiful piece of heritage.

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The ‘Navy Blue Novelty’ panja dhurrie from the ‘Panja Dhurries of Rajasthan’ collection has been handwoven masterfully by craftsmen from Rajasthan using a traditional panja tool on a loom. The finest quality wool has been dyed and used to create these masterpieces. Depicting a teal-colored traditional striped pattern on a brilliant navy-blue background, the dhurrie exudes the ancestral heritage of panja weaving. It has been woven very tightly, adding to its beauty and ensuring longevity. Not only ideal for your living room floors, bedroom and patios, this dhurrie is also the perfect elegant gift for housewarmings and the festive season. The dhurrie should be dry cleaned only and kept away from direct exposure to sunlight for longer periods of time . It can be vacuum cleaned or brushed using a carpet brush for regular maintenance.

- Handwoven on a traditional loom by skilled craftsmen from Rajasthan.
- Inspired from the generational art of Panja Weaving in Rajasthan.
- The Panja Weaving method has been used to weave this dhurrie.
- Tightly woven to ensure longevity.
- Crafting a single dhurrie of this size takes upto 15 days.
- The bright navy blue dhurrie depicts a traditional striped design.
- Perfect to place on the living room floor, bedrooms and patios.
- Ideal for elevating your room decor.
- Perfect gift for housewarmings and the festive season.
- Depicts ascending and descending teal coloured stripes.
- Handwoven from Wool.
- Handwoven using a panja tool on a traditional loom.
- Comes in navy blue and teal.
- Comes in the following dimensions: 72'' (L), 48'' (W) Inches in size or 6 ft by 4 ft.
- The dhurrie is a part of the 'Panja Dhurries of Rajasthan' collection.


- Dry Clean Only.
- Suitable to be cleaned using vaccum cleaners and carpet brushes.
- Keep away from exposure to direct sunlight for longer periods of time.

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