'Folk Music Mahotsav' Handpainted Decorative Showpieces (Set of 3, Iron, 8 Inch)

SKU: EL-025-114

'Folk Music Mahotsav' Handpainted Decorative Showpieces (Set of 3, Iron, 8 Inch)

SKU: EL-025-114
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  • COLOUR: Multicoloured with Metallic Gold finish
  • MATERIAL: Iron
  • ART FORM: Hand-Painted
  • Made in India
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’Songs of the Homeland’ collection is inspired by generations of wandering folk-musicians native to Rajasthan. Clad in their traditional colorful dhotis and turbans, sometimes adorning majestic moustaches these magnificent composers conjure bewitching tunes with their assortment of classical Indian Instruments. With songs on countless themes from lost love to the onset of monsoon, the folk music of these travelling troupes is an ages-old tradition that makes the entire country sway to its rhythms rooted in cultural heritage. Legends claim that their music can bring to life entire forests and make water springs sprout from droughted lands. The amalgamation of their melodious voices with the sound of their instruments – dhols, tablas, flutes and nagaras, is a sight to behold.

Bringing the staggering brilliance of these musicians to your homes, our artisans have masterfully crafted figurines depicting various musicians, wearing intricately hand-painted festive attires. These ornamental models have been handcrafted by artisans out of iron. Perfect to place on tables, shelves and as Showpieces, these exquisite curious will liven up your homes with the vibrant rhythmic beats of their homeland.

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The Sangeet Mahotsav' set of 3 figurines from the 'Songs of the Homeland' collection is inspired by the marvellous folk musicians of Rajasthan and their awe-inspiring folk music. This trio of folk musicians has been handcrafted in iron by the artisan. The figurines depict a trio of musicians, clad in vibrant turbans and multicoloured traditional attires. One is playing the dholak while the other is playing the veena and third is playing the thaal. These metallic gold figurines have been handpainted by the artisan with intricate traditional Rajasthani motifs. These Showpieces perfectly embody the spirit of the wandering folk musicians. Perfect to place on tables and shelves or as gifts during festivals for your loved ones, these Showpieces will liven up your home with the songs of the homeland.

- Handcrafted by Indian artisans.
- This curio depicts an exquisitely crafted folk musician adorning traditional attires along with vibrant turbans playing the dholak, thaal and veena at a celebration.
- Can be placed on side tables, drawing room tables and shelves.
- Perfect decorative Showpieces for your living room, tables and shelves.
- Ideal as a gift for housewarming parties and festivals.
- Depicts intricate multicoloured traditional Rajasthani motifs.
- Inspired by Rajasthani folk musicians.
- Can be placed anywhere in your living room or on shelves to add an ethnic element to your décor aesthetic.
- Handcrafted in Powder Coated Iron.
- Handcrafted and handpainted with traditional Rajasthani motifs.
- Comes in Multicolour with Metallic Gold finish.
- Comes in the following dimensions: ARTIST 1 : 7.2''(L ), 2.4''(W), 7.8''(H), ARTIST 2: 8.0''(L ), 2.7''(W), 7.8''(H), ARTIST 3: 6.3''(L ), 2.9''(W), 7.8''(H)Inches in size.
- The product is a part of the 'Songs of the Homeland' collection.



Handcrafted and handpainted with traditional Rajasthani motifs.


ARTIST 1: (L * W * H) = (7.2 * 2.4 * 7.8), ARTIST 2: (L * W * H) = (8.0 * 2.7 * 7.8), ARTIST 3: (L * W * H) = (6.3 * 2.9 * 7.8) Inches

Multicoloured with Metallic Gold finish

237 grams

3 Showpieces

- As this product is handcrafted there might be a slight color or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique.
- Comes in a set of 3.


Gently clean with only dry cotton cloth.

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