'Rustic Planks' Antique Finish Nested Wall Shelf In Mango Wood

SKU: EL-002-103

'Rustic Planks' Antique Finish Nested Wall Shelf In Mango Wood

SKU: EL-002-103
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  • COLOUR: Teal Blue
  • MATERIAL: Mango Wood
  • ART FORM: Handmade and Hand-painted
  • Made in India
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Very beautiful!



Handmade and Hand painted in antique rustic finish by burning the wood to showcase its natural wooden grain patterns.

Mango Wood

(L * W * H) = (11.9 * 4.9 * 4.0) Inch

Teal Blue

482 grams

1 Wall Shelf

- You need to put 2 nails to hang the wall shelf over it.
- As this product is handcrafted there might be a slight color, design or size variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique.
- Wipe it with a piece of mildly wet cloth only.
- Planter shown in the image is not included with the shelves.


"When the journey becomes more monumental than the destination, you know you have been embraced by the land where noble glory and cultures meet on a canvas of colours against the backdrop of the warm sand and the welcoming hearts; the land of the kings, Rajasthan. The rustic gateways that you stumble upon the state are the testimony to the lives that dwelled around them. The wood has traded its once celestial beauty for a subdued rustic charm that narrates the story of the legacy and the heritage without uttering a single word, reaching straight to your soul. Even when the journey comes to an end, take a token of remembrance with you as you go, for it isn't just a piece of wood, it has the glimpse of tradition, culture and a long-lived history pronounced on its rustic touch.

Drawing its inspiration from the rustic doors of Rajasthan, "˜The Doorway to Heaven"™ is an exquisite collection that serves as the perfect souvenir to the land of ravishing luminance and a delicacy that dates back to centuries. The alluring pieces in this collection mirror the perfect imagery of the doors of Rajasthan that have withstood every obstacle and stands tall as the reminiscence of history. The products have been crafted with real mango wood, every piece is kept under the natural warmth of the Sun and then burned to soak the vibrant colours to its ultimate core. This purified wood is then moulded into the desired shape and painted with an exotic teal blue shade to complement your house with their rustic aesthetic. Whenever your eyes will fall upon these pieces, you will be reminded of heaven and the royal glory that now exists in your own home.

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Delicately handcrafted and skillfully hand-painted in Rajasthan, this unique shaped 'Rustic Planks' wall shelf has an unusual ethnic feel and a rustic finish. Embellished in tea blue colour and handcrafted in mango wood, this shelf can be hung on the wall and can be used to keep showpieces or curios. The compact design, simple utility carries with itself an aura of the gleaming colours of Rajasthan and the warmth of the teal blue sky on the desert horizon to your favourite spaces, making them homely, cozy, filled with rich Indian heritage.

- Can be hung on the wall to display showpieces, planters, small vases or any decorative item.
- Can be used both ways to hang decorative items.
- You need to put 2 nails to hang the wall shelf over it.
- Handmade in Mango Wood.
- Depicts the art of Handmade and Hand painting in antique rustic finish by burning the wood to showcase its natural wooden grain patterns.
- Comes in Teal Blue Colour.
- Comes in 11.9" (L), 4.9" (W), 4.0" (H) Inch in size.
- This product has been made by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.


Wipe it with a piece of mildly wet cloth only.


The beautiful shelf which is not less than an art piece are made using mango wood because it is lighter and more porous than other woods. The initial step involves seasoning of wood which decreases the moisture content of the wood to 18%, it gives strength and durability to the woods. After seasoning, the inner side of woods is burnt using blowtorch until its turns to charcoal. Burning is done carefully since low burning will lead to poor texture and high burning has chances of burning the whole wooden log. Subsequently, the burnt wood is cleaned using a wire brush in the direction of grains of wood. Afterward the buffing and polishing is done on the burnt side. Then a coat of desired coloured paint is applied and all the pieces of wood are joined using adhesives and nails in the desired shape. The product is then kept for some time which allows all joints to become concrete. Once all the joints are checked, the above mentioned steps are again followed for the outer surface of woods, this ensures it also gets the same inner side texture and colour on the outer surface.
The whole process gives visible grains of wood with antique rustic finish and enhances the grain pattern which soothes everyone's eyes.

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