'Arch Slate' Chopping Board In Acacia Wood
'Arch Slate' Chopping Board In Acacia Wood
'Arch Slate' Chopping Board In Acacia Wood
'Arch Slate' Chopping Board In Acacia Wood
'Arch Slate' Chopping Board In Acacia Wood
'Arch Slate' Chopping Board In Acacia Wood

'Arch Slate' Chopping Board In Acacia Wood

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SKU: EL-005-585
COLOUR: Cinnamon Brown
MATERIAL: Acacia Wood
ART TYPE: Handcrafted


" Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance. "
One of the earliest boons given to mankind by nature, Wood has been used and adapted by humans since the earliest recognition that they could make use of the materials they found around them. Its rawness and uniqueness gave it a plethora of applications to harness and was seen as a soothing chattel to life in around the ancient times. We see examples of woodworking by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese. Many ancient Egyptian drawings going back to 2000 B.C. depict wood furnishings such as beds, chairs, stools, tables, beds, and chests. Woodworking in the Middle East goes back for many centuries, even to Biblical times. Another highly skilled form of woodworking was blocked prints – made from inked blocks of wood. Lacquering also was developed in the orient and is a technique dominant in Japan, China, and Korea. Different kind of woods we're extracted from different sources of plants and trees that gave them their own essence and made the emergence of different handcrafted products possible. Wood, even today is and always will be regarded as highly auspicious with its immaculate features among all other riches that are into commemorative existence.

Inspired by the art of simplicity and elegance 'The Vintage Woods' is a wide range of home products made by expert craftsmen who have instilled and bestowed their skills into redefining superior class. This range of premium quality home products handcrafted in pine, mango and mostly in acacia wood with so much of excellence by the artisans is all set to entail you to take a moment and appreciate its extraordinary fineness while you make use of it. The tableware items made available in categories of chopping boards, plates, coasters, cake-servers, plates and bowl sets come with an elegant and food-grade finish which make them unique. ' The Vintage Woods ' as a supreme quality range of products is set to enrich your kitchen and dining experience to a whole new level that your cosy, warm home had been secretly craving for.

The Arch Slate' from the collection 'The Vintage Woods' is a unique arch-shaped tableware in the form of a chopping board made in Acacia Wood. Handcrafted with so much of elegance by the craftsmen, this premium and fine quality product comes with a oil, food-grade and an antique finish in cinnamon an-brown colour 'The Arch Slate' with beautiful grains of wood visible on the top and a jute rope tied at the corner is an ideal item for your kitchen that can also be used as a serving platter and smoothen your dining experience with utmost simplicity.


- This chopping board is ideal to be used in kitchen for cutting vegetables & fruits.
- Can also be used as a serving platter.
- Comes with food grade finish.
- Beautiful grains of the wood are visible on the chopping board.
- Comes in a unique arch shape and an antique finish.
- Handcrafted in treated & seasoned Acacia Wood.
- Comes in Cinnamon Brown colour.
- Comes in the following dimensions: (L * W * H) = (16 * 9.8 * 1.0) Inches in size.
- This product is a part of the collection 'THE VINTAGE WOODS'.


Acacia Wood

(L * W * H) = (16 * 9.8 * 1.0) Inch

Cinnamon Brown


1 Chopping Board

Wipe it with a piece of mildly wet cloth only.

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