Stitch The Scenery

Stitch the scenery

Bakhiya Taanka

Originated in the Mughal Era, it is one of the popular stitching techniques of Lucknowi Chikankari.
The Bakhiya Stitch is formed in two ways: Ulti Bakhiya (From backside) and Seedhi Bakhiya (From the front side). Ulti Bakhiya is crisscrossing of thread work on fabric- a reverse of shadow work. It gives the look as if the embroidery is itself the texture of the garment. The products are made using this technique. In Seedhi Bakhiya, the filling is done on the wrong side while the design is bounded by a running stitch on the right side of the fabric to give a neat look. 



Kantha, a type of a simple running stitch which originated in West Bengal with the purpose to reuse old clothes and materials and turn them into something new. Traditionally this embroidery was used for quilts, dhotis and sarees. Now it can be seen in shawls, pillow covers, dupattas, and home furnishings.
Inspired from day-to-day life, the motifs designed on clothes or bed spreads were of birds, animals, folk scenes, fishes and imagery that depicted different views of livelihood for the people living in Bengal. Reprocessing was another form of motivation, since initially women recycled their old clothes and turned them into something more practical, like covers for furniture, or blankets. Economical, practical and yet beautiful is what Kantha embroidery is all about. The yarn is taken from old saree borders; the design is then traced and finally covered with running stitches. 

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