Sharing gifts with your loved one is a gesture of affection and care. To make your gift shopping ...Read More

Sharing gifts with your loved one is a gesture of affection and care. To make your gift shopping experience easier, ExclusiveLane brings forth a premium gift collection for every festivity. Explore various gifting options, ranging from Wedding gifts to Christmas gifts, and make them smile wider on a special occasion.Read Less

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    Gift your Loved Ones Beautiful Home Decor Handicraft Gifts 

    Gifting is one of the oldest traditions in India that we take very seriously. Indians give each other something for every one of the fifteen million festivals we have! And let’s not forget birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, baby showers, Valentine’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, and the list doesn’t stop. 

    The safest option for literally any occasion is home decor gift items. One will gladly accept beautiful handicraft gifts on any occasion. Here are some home decor tips that you can keep in mind when you buy elegant home decor gifts for your loved ones: 


    Every room should have at least one mirror and some tiny mirrors. Mirrors will make a simple room look elegant by bouncing off any light that enters the room. You can place these mirrors perpendicularly in the direction opposite your window. You can place tiny mirrors in stands too. Exclusive Lane offers you a wooden handicraft gift item that’s perfect for this home decor idea. The ‘Wooden Engraved Handheld Mirror from the ‘Royal Queen Collection’’ is a perfect way to help your living room look authentic and lively. 

    Wall Hangings 

    Wall hangings are one of the best room decoration gifts. They add depth and tranquillity to a room, enhancing the room’s space. They add a splash of bright colour and become the focal point of the room to add a sense of style to it. Anyone who enters the house can look at the wall hanging and decipher the home’s home decor style. Exclusive Lane offers multiple wall hangings such as the ‘Handmade Wooden Birds Wind Chime cum Decorative Hanging’ and the ‘‘White-Haired Horse’ Handmade and Hand-Painted Garden Decorative Wall Hanging in Terracotta.’

    Pillow Covers 

    The pillow covers on the sofa resonate with your style and therefore, you need to ensure that you pick the best. They add visual comfort, interest, and texture to the overall look of your home. It’s one of the most useful home decoration gift items for the festive season because people change everything from the drapes to the covers during this time! Exclusive Lane offers you beautiful pillow covers that you can use as home decor gifts for friends. Some of them include the ‘Celestial Star Hand Blocked Cushion Cover in Silk’ and ‘The Royal Tessellation Hand Blocked Cushion Cover in Silk.’ 

    Exclusive Lane’s Premium Gift Collection for Every Festival 

    Through the years, home decor trends have transformed drastically. However, the one thing that stays the same is that individuals want useful home decor. A beautiful rug that gives the room a pop of colour? Yes! A vase with intricate design with lilies? Yes! So, Exclusive Lane brings you unique home decor gifts that will not only beautify your loved ones’ homes but also be very useful to them. 

    Blue Terracotta Warli-Painted Pots 

    These ethnic terracotta pots are hand-painted by skilled artisans who specialise in Warli painting. They’re a vibrant shade of blue and golden with warli designs that you can’t take your eyes off. Each pot has its unique shape so you can place them in different places. These earthen pots will sum up the living room and harmonise your home decor to make it look authentic. Buy home decor gifts online with Exclusive Lane. 

    Terracotta Hand-Painted Bird Feeder for your Garden 

    This adorable terracotta handpainted bird feeder is a great accessory for your garden. It has three small bird figurines perched on the rim of the bowl. This is one of the best house decor gifts. Your friends and family will have little visitors every morning in their garden that they can watch as they sip their tea. Gift them a touch of nature with a bird feeder! 

    Terracotta Warli Handpainted Salt and Pepper Shaker in a Tray 

    We bet you haven’t seen a salt and pepper shaker as beautiful as this one! These naturally-made terracotta salt and pepper shakers will illuminate your dining table with their multiple vibrant colours. These shakers are hand-painted with Maharashtra’s popular Warli art form. Every time someone picks them up, they wouldn’t be able to help themselves but look at them closely. The tray is made of mango wood and is painted with similar warli designs. 

    Meenakari Royal Blue Swan Set 

    Rajasthan’s Meenakari art holds a high spot in the ‘Most Beautiful Artforms in the World’s list. It is the art of decorating metal using the enamelling method. Its origins stem from the Mughals and Raja Man Singh of Amber introduced this art form to Rajasthan in the 16th century. This is one of the most beautiful decorative gift items. A part of the ‘Meenakari Collection,’ these beautiful royal blue swans are adorned with intricate artwork in different shades. Place them anywhere and they’ll make your home glow. 

    Terracotta Handpainted Bell Hanging- Multicoloured 

    This hand-made, hand-painted terracotta bell is multicoloured and will adorn the living room with gold, green, white, yellow, blue, and red colours. Hindus believe that hanging a bell in the house removes any negative energy and purifies the place. They promote tranquillity and good luck, bringing home harmony and prosperity. Gift your loved one's peace with one of the best handicraft gifts online at Exclusive Lane. 

    Wooden Plain Name Plate with Dhokra and Warli Art 

    This beautiful brown, gold and yellow-coloured wooden name plate exudes the authenticity of Indian culture. It combines the art forms of two states- Maharashtra’s Warli art and West Bengal’s Dhoka art. The brass Dhoka fish figurine is carefully sculpted while the hand-painted Warli drawings are intricately drawn. This makes a great handicraft gift item for your loved ones who adore natural products. 

    Why ExclusiveLane? 

    ExclusiveLane handicraft store started with a group of individuals who held a deep regard for Indian handicraft products. We aim to source rural India’s authenticity and culture for the urban areas. We want every individual in India to feel close to their roots and experience the diversity in our country. 

    With our handmade, eco-friendly, and beautiful products, we want to ensure that you have everything you need for every occasion! The cycle of endless confusion regarding gifting options during every festival ends with us! 

    Here are some of our main categories that you should check out immediately –  handicrafts gifts for weddings, housewarming gifts, Diwali Gifts, new years gifts, and a minimum of 40% off on handicrafts and home decor items


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