'The Light Carrier' Terracotta Pendant Cum Hanging Lamp In Leafy Green
'The Light Carrier' Terracotta Pendant Cum Hanging Lamp In Leafy Green
'The Light Carrier' Terracotta Pendant Cum Hanging Lamp In Leafy Green
'The Light Carrier' Terracotta Pendant Cum Hanging Lamp In Leafy Green

'The Light Carrier' Terracotta Pendant Cum Hanging Lamp In Leafy Green

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SKU: EL-003-141
COLOUR: Leafy Green
MATERIAL: Terracotta
ART TYPE: Handmade & Handpainted


Delicately handmade in terracotta and skillfully hand-painted by craftspeople from the interiors of India, ‘The Light Carrier’ is a pendant cum hanging lamp, inspired from the ethnicity of traditional portable earthen night-lamps that have been in use in rural Indian households for centuries and embellished with detailed cut-work of leaves. The complementing rich leaf-green on this lamp beautifully adds to it’s raw aesthetics and looks stunning when light falls softly through it, making delicate formations; swinging the lamp as the breeze flows. The compact design, simple utility and the use of the beautiful leaf-green on terracotta, carries with itself an aura of the vibrant colours of rural India and the warmth of the golden sunset on the rustic horizon to your favourite spaces, making them homely, cozy, radiating with rich Indian heritage. The tales of serenity handcrafted with love into this product are perfect for your tranquil happy evenings, outdoors and indoors alike.


- This vibrant bottle shaped Pendant cum Hanging Lamp is perfect to be put up in a living room, bedroom, verandah or balcony to add an ethnic touch to your home.
- Light diffuses from the elegant & detailed cutwork that has been done on the shade.
- Handcrafted in Terracotta.
- Hand-Painted in Leafy Green.
- Comes in the following dimensions:
TOTAL: 21.0" (H),
SHADE: 8.6" (H), 3.6" (Dia) Inch in size.
- It will definitely add a striking vibrant glow to the interiors of your home.

As the sun drops, the village softens in the warmth of the golden light, overcast by a beautifully crimson skyline. Flocks of birds fly into the horizon and the sunset breeze tickles the thickets of green cover. Villagers, tools in hand, call it a day as they return to their raw mud thatched homes. Twilight sees tiny specks of illuminated yellow, fire up through village homes. The traditional terracotta hurricane hanging lamps are lit in mellow golden flames on the front porch, light pouring out through them as they swing in the gentle winds. Painted mud-walls come alive in the beautiful yellow light as families sit together enjoying their day’s last meal in each other’s company.

Inspired from the simplicity of rustic village evenings, ‘A Village Sunset’ is a collection of serene hanging lamps and tea light holders, that has been handmade in terracotta and hand-painted in an extensive palette of vibrant Indian colours by craftspeople from the interiors of the country. Consumed in a fast paced city life, we often forget the calm and content aura of village life; a nostalgia that artisans have captured beautifully in these lamps to bring the warm glow of village evenings to your homes. Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, these lamps are hand-embellished with detailed cut-work that allows light to pass through them softly, making beautiful formations of light. This collection of hand-painted hanging terracotta lamps is a tale from the Indian countrysides, handmade with love, to illuminate your evenings with happy, colourful vibes and bring the warmth of rural dusk to your favourite spaces.